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Tens of thousands march, demand, ‘No deportations!’

Several thousand workers marched down the Las Vegas Strip led by Culinary Union Local 226. They were joined by contingents from the Teamsters and Service Employees International Union; university students; Jewish, Muslim and Christian clergy; the NAACP; the National Organization for Women; and others.

“The Culinary Union is not only Nevada’s largest union,” Local 226 spokesperson Bethany Khan told the Militant by phone May 2. “We are the largest immigrant organization in the state. We represent 57,000 workers from 167 countries who speak 40 different languages. We wanted to celebrate International Workers’ Day bringing together immigrants and the native-born.”

“With workers at more than 90 percent of the restaurants and casinos in the union, we’re truly a union town,” Khan said, “but we have to fight every day to preserve the gains we made. Presidents and other elected officials come and go, but the union is here to stay.”

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