Dear Review Journal

Dear Review Journal: 

We read with confusion the commentary by Victor Joecks regarding his accusation that the successful creation of new health care capacity, in an area of Las Vegas often called “a medical desert,” somehow constitutes intellectual dishonesty. 

He is incorrect in suggesting that the Culinary Health Center, which is bringing more primary care doctors to a state that currently ranks 47th in physicians per patients, is “hypocritical.” 

Around the country, the healthcare community sees increased access to more doctors as great progress, and the new Culinary Health Center will serve over 130,000 members of the Culinary Health Fund -- who are Las Vegans and members of the public. 

For Mr. Joecks to imply that the Trustees of the Culinary Health Plan, which includes executives from some of the largest gaming companies in Nevada, are hypocrites for their tireless efforts to provide health care resources for their employees, while not providing them for free to all in the community, is completely ludicrous. 

Of course, we agree it would be great for all Las Vegans to have a quality Union Health Plan that provides the access to care and health benefits that the Culinary Health Fund has created and protected for 40 years. But the fact that it doesn’t now exist does not make the new Culinary Health Center hypocritical - it does display a large hole in Mr. Joecks’ argument and understanding of a nationally recognized model of labor-management cooperation. 

Mr. Joecks also rails against the recent passage of SB539, approved by the Senate 19-2 and the Assembly 27-15, and signed by the Governor last week. Prescription price transparency will provide the first step in understanding the escalating costs of prescription drugs, specifically those that treat diabetes, which impacts nearly 300,000 Nevadans (members of the public) already struggling with the disease, and 1/3 of the population that is pre-diabetic. 

Opinion polls show 86% of Americans overwhelmingly support requiring manufacturers to disclose prescription drug pricing. The vast majority of Americans, the Nevada Legislative representatives, and the Nevada Governor view this legislation as a sound step forward in the face of insulin prices that have increased 387% between 2006 and 2013 in the U.S., without explanation. 

Innovatively increasing physician capacity in Las Vegas and requiring steps to understand prescription cost increases are not hypocritical or intellectually dishonest. However, Mr. Joecks’ determination to opine negatively without any policy grounding is both. 

D. Taylor, President - UNITE HERE  

Matthew Walker, Chief Executive Office - UNITE HERE Health 

Letter available here.

If you who live in the municipalities of Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, or North Las Vegas, please vote!

Early voting is now though March 31. Primary election day is April 4th.

Voting locations:

In selecting endorsed candidates, we looked for politicians who will fight with us to protect our union. Now is our time to let politicians know we are engaged and active.

Si usted vive en los municipios de Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, o North Las Vegas, ¡por favor vote!

Las votaciones tempranas son desde ahora hasta 31 de marzo. El día de las elecciones primarias será el 4 de abril.

Sitios de votación:

Al seleccionar a los candidatos recomendados, buscamos políticos que lucharán al lado nuestro para proteger a nuestra unión. Ahora es nuestro momento de hacerles saber a los políticos de que estamos involucrados y activos.

The Culinary Union has been fighting for Nevadans for over 82 years, and we will not stop.

As the largest immigrant organization in Nevada, we will resist any attempt to attack workers, Muslims, women, people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQIA+.

It is important to know how to protect our families and friends, please share the information below with your friends and family.

Know your rights:

* You have the right to remain silent.

* You may refuse to speak to immigration officers.

* You have the right to ask to see an arrest warrant.

* If ICE shows up at your door, do not open the door unless the officer shows you a warrant signed by a judge.

A warrant is a piece of paper signed by a judge allowing law enforcement officers to enter a home to do a search. This also allows them to ask you questions and possibly interview you. An ICE Administrative warrant (form 1-200, 1-205) does NOT allow them to enter your home without consent. Only a warrant signed by a judge does.

* You have the right to speak with a lawyer before answering any questions. Keep your lawyer’s information with you at all times.

* You have the right to refuse to sign any documents presented to you by ICE.

In the case of an arrest by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE):

* Let ICE officers know if you have children, health problems, or other factors that may cause you or your family to suffer if you are arrested.

* Prepare a family plan in response to an ICE deportation raid:

A family plan means to prepare your relatives, prepare your documents, and to prepare money for legal defense.

* In the case of any ICE raid, document as many details as possible, and report the event.

Download these Know Your Rights cards and keep them with you, along with any valid U.S. Immigration document you have:

* Know Your Rights:

* Prepare a Family Plan:


La Unión Culinaria ha estado luchando para defender a los residentes de Nevada por más de 82 años y no pararemos.

Como la organización de inmigrantes más grande en Nevada, resistiremos cualquier intento de ataque contra los trabajadores, musulmanes, mujeres, personas de color, inmigrantes, y personas LGBTQIA+.  Es importante saber cómo proteger a nuestras familias y amistades, por favor comparta la siguiente información con sus amigos y parientes.

Conozca sus derechos:

* Usted tiene el derecho a permanecer callado.

* Usted puede negarse a hablar con los oficiales de inmigración.

* Usted tiene el derecho a pedir ver la orden de detención en su contra.

Si el Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas (ICE, por sus siglas en inglés) viene a su puerta, no abra a menos que el agente le muestre la orden de detención firmada por un juez.

Una orden de detención (warrant) es una hoja firmada por un juez la cual les permite a los agentes del orden público entrar en una vivienda para registrarla. Esta también les permite hacerle a usted preguntas y posiblemente entrevistarlo. Una orden de detención Administrativa de ICE (formulario 1-200, 1-205) NO les permite entrar en su vivienda sin consentimiento. Solamente una orden firmada por un juez se los permite.

* Usted tiene el derecho de hablar con un abogado antes de contestar cualquier pregunta. Mantenga los datos de su abogado a la mano en todo momento.

* Usted tiene el derecho a rehusarse a firmar cualquier documento que ICE le presente.

En el caso de un arresto por el Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas (ICE):

* Infórmele a los agentes de ICE si usted tiene hijos, problemas de salud, u otros factores que le puedan causar un sufrimiento a usted o a su familia si usted es arrestado(a).

* Prepare un plan familiar para responder a una redada de deportación por parte de ICE:

Un plan familiar significa preparar a su familia, preparar sus documentos, y preparar el dinero para su defensa legal.

* En caso de pasar por una redada por parte de ICE, documente el mayor número de detalles posible, y denuncie el incidente.

Baje las siguientes tarjetas tituladas Conozca Sus Derechos y manténgalas con usted, junto con cualquier documento válido que usted tenga de Inmigración de los EE.UU.:

* Conozca Sus Derechos:

* Prepare un Plan de Familia:

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