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El “ejército” de empleados de hotel que quiere tumbar a Trump en la ciudad de los casinos

The “army” of hotel employees who want to overthrow Trump in the city of casinos - 

Hispanics from the Culinary Workers Union, which brings together 60,000 Las Vegas hotel workers, are touring homes motivating undecided voters to vote and educating them about the presidential candidates' proposals.

Las Vegas (USA), June 11 (EFE).- María Macías and Christopher Orozco, a cook and a bartender, travel through the neighborhoods of Las Vegas every day knocking on the doors of voters with the sole purpose of encouraging them to vote Democratic, a mission that will be joined in the coming months by thousands more volunteers across the US to help define who will be the new president.


The two Hispanics are part of the efforts of the Culinary Workers Union, which brings together 60,000 Las Vegas hotel workers (most of them migrant women) and is a key actor in the elections in the decisive state of Nevada to mobilize Democratic voters. .

The union's commitment is to motivate the undecided, educate about the candidates' proposals, and support progressive campaigns that favor its members, such as that of the Nicaraguan Geo Hughes, a Democratic candidate for the state senate who today faces the polls.

This Tuesday, when the primaries are held in Nevada, Orozco and Macías will be among the dozens who are knocking on doors to try to get as many voters as possible to go out and vote. 

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