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‘Like a second home’: Longtime Tropicana workers say leaving will be bittersweet

Culinary Local 226 negotiated for strong severance benefits in anticipation of the resort’s closure during bargaining last fall. The agreement that covers about 500 union members says that each person will receive $2,000 in severance for every year of service. For dozens of employees, that can result in payouts around $60,000.

Employees have to work at the resort until they are officially laid off to receive the severance, which also includes six months of health care and pension benefits.

Union members also will have the option of recall rights, receiving a severance of up to $15,000 and being among the employees who return to the company’s redeveloped resort project when it opens near the ballpark in several years.

Bally’s human resources team held a job fair and other transition resourcing for its employees, though Culinary spokesperson Bethany Khan said the union is not aware of how many workers received job offers from the fair as the hiring process could be ongoing.

The off-boarding resources have been valuable to Coleman. She said she was three years to retirement age and considered an early retirement, but also applied to a job in another industry.

“I know it’s gonna be bittersweet, there will be some tears,” she said. “But Tropicana allowed us to get where we are now and it allowed a lot of people to retire, or get a little bit to let you relax and go out with some money.”

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