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Nevada leaders react after death of Sen. Harry Reid

The Culinary Union is proud to have called Senator Harry Reid a friend for over 50 years. Senator Reid was a true champion of working families in Nevada and he always stood in solidarity with workers.
Knowing that we could count on his support was always a source of strength for Culinary Union members over the years. His friendship was essential as we fought to ensure that hospitality jobs in Las Vegas could be middle-class jobs with fair wages, good benefits, including free healthcare and a pension, and job security.
Senator Reid was instrumental in expanding The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas training programs to ensure that the West Las Vegas community wasn’t left behind and that hospitality employees, especially Black and brown workers, were able to move up in their careers.
We are proud to have worked alongside Senator Reid in the fight for comprehensive worker-centered immigration reform and protecting workers’ rights. We treasure the memory of when he said, “There is only one way to win a campaign, you fight and you win. You don’t lay down. You stand firm and do what you say you are going to do.”
We will always remember Senator Reid as a fierce advocate for Nevadans and a true fighter for workers throughout his political career and life. As we celebrate Senator Reid’s legacy, the Culinary Union will strive to carry on the work to ensure Nevada is a state where working people can have economic, gender, and racial justice.
Rest in power, Senator Reid.

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