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Pete Buttigieg may struggle with black voters. But could he get the Hispanic vote?

He also made clear his health-care plan, Medicare for all who want it, will be a major issue and a major weapon against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). “I’m thinking, for example, of the culinary workers here in Nevada who fought so hard, those strikes, and those negotiations to get excellent health-care plans. Who are we to tell them that they have to give up those plans?” He then went after the super-aggressive supporters of Sanders who have abused and bullied union leaders. “I was especially upset to see that union leadership was being attacked for standing up for their workers,” he said. “I’m going to listen to workers who say that they want to be able to keep their plans, and that is a way for us to address the problem because I believe the public plan that my administration will create will be so good that eventually everybody will want it anyway.”

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