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What's At Stake Amid Expiring Pandemic Unemployment Benefits

FADEL: We're also joined by two people who lost their jobs in the midst of this pandemic and are dependent on those benefits right now. Mario Sandoval has been out of work since March, when the steakhouse where he worked inside a casino in Las Vegas, Nev., shut down because of COVID. He's also a 38-year member of the culinary union there. Mario, thanks so much for talking to us. I know this period isn't easy.

FADEL: Right. So, Mario, I'm going to turn to you now. You've worked in your job as a server at the steakhouse inside the Binion's Casino in downtown Las Vegas for more than 30 years. And then suddenly, that job was gone. Tell us what it's been like, how you've coped without work the past eight months.

SANDOVAL: I just need - I need to have the right to return to work because I know the business is going to come back to Vegas. And when it comes back, I want the right to go back to work

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