Leain Vashon

Vice-President · Paris (Bell person)

Leain Vashon, Bell Captain at Paris Las Vegas, Vice President of the Culinary Union, and Culinary Union member for 45 years, since 1975

I remember being on strike during the 1984 Citywide Strike. What really got to us to strike was people losing everything when they got sick. We also went on strike for a stronger contract and less favoritism. On that strike line, it was people of all colors. We were all on the same side. The Culinary Union brought everyone together because we all needed health care, we all needed a raise, and we all needed a pension!

I really got involved with the Culinary Union during the Frontier Strike (September 21, 1991 - February 1, 1998). I walked the picket line with my brothers and sisters, even though I was working at MGM. No matter which hotel you worked in, everyone spent time on that strike line. We never gave up. – that’s why I love the slogan of this union: “One day longer.” We never give up!

I’m proud of how great our union is. I was on one of the first contract committees under John Wilhelm and then I was one of the first shop stewards. Just thinking about it now, it’s been a long fight to get to this point, but well worth it!

Leain holds the following leadership positions: UNITE HERE Black Leadership Group and Culinary Union Executive Board.

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