Ted Pappageorge


Ted Pappageorge serves as President (2012 - present) for Culinary Workers Union, Local 226. 

Ted serves as one of the Union Trustees on the Culinary and Bartenders Housing Partnership Program. He is also on the executive committee of the Nevada State AFL-CIO.  

Ted is a native of Las Vegas and has been a Culinary Union member since 1983. Ted worked as a Bartender at the Horseshoe Club in Downtown Las Vegas. As a father of two young children, he wanted to protect healthcare and job security for his family, so he got involved as a negotiating committee member and played a key role as a picket captain in the 9-month Horseshoe Strike in 1990. 

After the Horseshoe Strike successfully ended, Ted had the opportunity to join the Culinary Union staff in 1991.  

Ted spent years organizing with non-union workers who were fighting for respect and dignity at work. He has dedicated most of his life to developing worker leadership programs and building power inside unionized workplaces with Culinary Union members on-the-job. 

Ted has been negotiating collective bargaining agreements for over 16 years and is one of the chief negotiators for Culinary Union contracts that protect 60,000 workers. Ted’s goal is to secure good union wages, healthcare, and benefits for Culinary Union members and their families. In 2018, Ted helped win the strongest and most comprehensive immigration, sexual harassment, and safety language in the history of any union in the United States.

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