2020 Democrats support Station Casinos workers

Over 6,000 casino workers in Las Vegas have been fighting to win a better future for themselves and their families for almost a decade. These workers are cooks, kitchen workers, food servers, bartenders, cocktail servers, housekeepers, and other service workers who make their company, Station Casinos, successful.

Last year the company generated $1.5 billion in revenue in Las Vegas alone. Station Casinos workers, however, make less than workers doing the same jobs at unionized casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and do not get the same affordable family healthcare and retirement benefits like at those union casinos. In the absence of a union contract, they also do not have any job security, fair scheduling, fair seniority rules, or a fair grievance process.

These workers are rising up and organizing because they want to be treated fairly and paid fairly. They do not want to be second-class workers in their own city anymore. Their fight for economic justice is a crucial struggle for these times, as this group of largely immigrant workers are rising up against two billionaire owners, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, who are major supporters of the Trump agenda.

Workers at 7 Station Casinos’ Las Vegas properties have voted to unionize and they are fighting for a contract: Boulder Station (September 2016), Palace Station (March 2017), Green Valley Ranch (November 2017), Palms (April 2018), Sunset Station (June 2019), Fiesta Rancho (June 2019), and Fiesta Henderson (September 2019).

In early 2019, Democratic candidates for President began to take notice and they have supported Station Casinos workers on social media, often uplifting the workers’ fight to local and international media attention.

Current (and former) Democratic candidates for president support Station Casinos workers:

(note: Culinary Union has not yet endorsed any candidate for the 2020 election cycle)

  September 15, 2019: Bernie Sanders. Sanders embed:

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