Happy one-year anniversary of taking on Big Pharma and winning!

Happy one-year anniversary of taking on Big Pharma and winning!

Last year, Nevada Diabetes Political Coalition (NVDPC) members were a part of a historic pharmaceutical transparency bill becoming state law. Governor Sandoval signed the first-in-the-nation legislation - Senate Bill 539 - into law on Thursday, June 15, 2017. This was accomplished through the tireless work of State Senator Yvanna Cancela who championed the innovative patient protection bill, bipartisan support from legislators who put people over profits, and community partners who fought hard to protect Nevadans. 

During the 2017 legislative session, NVDPC members made thousands of calls to state legislators, hung thousands of door hangers in Las Vegas and in Carson City, and talked to their coworkers, family members, and friends about the need to stop price gouging for diabetes medications. 

“I worry about my son coming into my room and finding me cold as ice,” said Keyonna Lawrence, an NVDPC member. “I have had to ration out my insulin and not take it some days because I had to pay my light bill. Thank you to everyone for taking on the drug companies over price gouging for diabetes medicine in Nevada.” 

Nevada Diabetes Political Coalition members:  

Last April, NVDPC coalition members traveled to Carson City to share their experiences with legislators. Thanks to their commitment and the legislators who worked alongside them, SB539 helps protect Nevadans who are living with diabetes from price gouging.

“I’ve had two children die who suffered from diabetes and could not afford their medication,” said NVDPC member Bonnie Jean Sedich, a mother of four children born with Type 1 diabetes. “I do not want other Nevada families to go through that and I’m proud to have been a part of fighting for more transparency from pharmaceutical companies.”

Nevada Diabetes Political Coalition members hard work made this landmark legislation and real change for Nevadans who cannot afford their essential diabetes medication possible. Congratulations!

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