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New 'Our American Dream NV' Web Video Features Mother Separated From Son Due to Broken System Nympha's story shows the need to keep families together through reform

LAS VEGAS, NV - As the United States Senate continues its second week of debate on immigration reform legislation, the Nevada State AFL-CIO released the fifth video of their 'Our American Dream NV' web series on immigration reform.

"Immigration reform is important to me because I was separated from my son when he was two years old, and had to wait for twenty years to be reunited with him," said Nympha, a mother and member of Culinary Workers Local 226. "For twenty years I never had a Mother's Day, and being with my family is important. That is why I want Senator Heller to vote yes on immigration reform."

Nympha's story is one of many who have been impacted by failed policies that keep families apart. 

Nevadans can view new these videos on the AFL-CIO's 'Our American Dream NV' website, where one new video will be made available every day for the remainder of the month. Nevadans are also encouraged to utilize the website to contact Senator Dean Heller and share their opinion on this critical legislation.

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