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Biden rolls out massive ‘Rescue Plan’

Carlos Padilla, a pastry baker who worked at the Treasure Island 27 years, was furloughed in March following the economic shutdown. His wife was also laid off and for the first time in years, they faced an uncertain future.

“The bills started piling up, rent was due and we were budgeting what we could as far as food,” he said. “But the (direct payment) did help out with paying with some of the bills.”

Since being furloughed, Padilla was able to qualify for unemployment benefits — his wife didn’t — as well as apply for rental assistance and obtain food assistance through the Culinary Union. But there were still times the family fell behind on bills.

As if the long wait between federal relief, and more direct assistance, wasn’t long and scary enough for Padilla, his family still hasn’t received the most recently approved payment. When they do, it will only go so far.

“Honestly, it’s not enough,” he said. “I realize it is something, but it’s not enough. The bills are still piling up.”

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