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Could Tom Steyer Steal Nevada?

His newfound competitiveness in Nevada made his meeting with the Culinary Union all the more important. The union, which counts some 60,000 members in Nevada, including virtually all staff at major hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, has long been thought of as a political kingmaker in a state that in recent years has gone from deep purple to Democratic stronghold. And its endorsement is a much sought-after seal of approval. In a tight race in Nevada, where Biden, Sanders, and Warren have jockeyed for advantage, the Culinary Union’s support could be enough to tip the scales in their favor in Nevada’s first-in-the-West caucus next month.

But with less than a month to go until voting, no endorsement has yet been issued, and the union’s gold-plated health care could present the reason why. The Culinary Health Fund, self-provisioned through the union with employer support, is one of the largest health care consumers in the state. It provides health insurance coverage for over 130,000 Nevadans, including members and their dependents.

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