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Culinary Union Tells Casino Workers in Nevada to Vote Blue

The Culinary Union’s casino industry members are employed in a variety of non-gaming functions, including as cocktail servers, food servers, hotel housekeepers, bellmen, porters, cooks, and bartenders.

The trade group contends that Wall Street billionaires and real estate opportunists have used the COVID-19 pandemic for their own financial gain. Many of those wealthy investors, the union argues, tend to back the GOP.

The biggest corporations have been using the pandemic to price gouge working families but we are fighting back and we have a plan to win. No voter believes Republicans are going to take on massive Wall Street landlords who are stealing our homes and ruining our neighborhoods,” Pappageorge opined.

Real estate and rent prices have indeed increased in Southern Nevada since the onset of the pandemic. Many Californians have fled east to the Silver State to find lower taxes and no individual income tax. But Pappageorge believes the property value gains are more to do with greedy Republicans.

“Workers do not believe that Republicans, who are getting rich off of record oil profits and prescription drugs, are going to take on big oil or big pharma. Together, we will continue to take on Wall Street landlords, big oil, big pharma, and greedy corporations to win for working families,” the union boss concluded.

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