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Las Vegas Culinary Union, Convention Center Food Provider Avert Strike with Late-Night Deal

This was the strike authorized by a vote on December 7 and 8, 2022 by banquet servers, bartenders, concession cashiers, cooks, and dishwashers at the convention center. These non-tipped workers have been paid an average of $16 to $19 an hour, which union reps argued was not enough to live on.

“The Culinary Union has fought hard to protect workers over the last 88 years and we are proud that this new agreement is the best contract with the highest wage increases that Sodexo LIVE! / Centerplate workers have ever had, while continuing to protect health care and pension benefits for 400 hospitality workers who work so hard every day to keep the Las Vegas Convention Center running,” said Culinary Union secretary-treasurer Ted Pappageorge in a statement.

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