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Nevada Democrats’ bid to hold first primary underscores diversifying US

The Culinary Union is a massive political force in the state when it comes to campaigning. The union is made up of 60,000 members in Las Vegas and Reno. Additionally, the union is the state’s largest immigrant, Latino, and Asian American Pacific Islander organization.

“The candidates come and there’s opportunities,” said Ted Pappageorge, Secretary-Treasurer for the Culinary Union. “But what really drives our members’ voting tendencies is door to door, workers talking to workers.”

“That worker-to-worker discussion is what moves folks because the truth of the matter is working people don’t necessarily like politicians,” he said. “We have to really bring folks to the door they trust and that’s their own coworkers. 

Unlike in past years, Nevada will hold a primary instead of a caucus, a move that many say will expand the voting pool.

“The truth is, if you’re much more skilled at caucusing, you can win,” Pappageorge said. “In Nevada, we think the election process makes more sense and is more inclusive.”

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