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NLV went way out of its way to slam the door on rent stabilization, critics say

Prior to the public comments, which included residents struggling to afford rising rents, Lee warned them to think twice before speaking, adding that he didn’t think people speaking “are as intelligent as the people who spoke to us” referring to the lawyers for the city, Culinary Union and Realtors. 

“Everything spoken today looks like it will be interpreted in court. So if you say something that could hurt your case, you might want to second think that,” he said. “If you say something that’s contrary to what your team says, it will be used in court against your team.”

Khan found it chilling and said “some Culinary Union members were upset that they were spoken to that way.”

“The hospitality workers in the room aren’t lawyers, but are intelligent and can speak firsthand to the issues that they are facing in North Las Vegas as they are directly impacted and are being evicted or priced out of their homes,” she said. “It’s plain to see that the North Las Vegas City Council isn’t doing anything about this urgent crisis.”

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