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The Desperate Battle For Unions' Blessing in 2020

The Culinary Workers Union in Las Vegas represents the vanguard of American labor unions: united, omnipresent, progressive, and widely acknowledged as one of the most powerful political forces in the state. They are legitimately capable of delivering Nevada to the Democrats. This year, their spokesperson Bethany Khan says, “Our union is committed to defeat Trump on Election Day.”
They want immigration reform; they want healthcare; they want to see presidential candidates taking their side in labor disputes, loudly and publicly. But they have not forgotten that politics is not simply a quid pro quo for shiny things. The biggest thing to be won in 2020 is not any government handout offered as a straightforward trade for union votes—it is the definitive end of the U.S. government’s legal war on organized labor, which has been continuing with only brief pauses for the past 70 years.

“We are a union that does some political work,” Khan notes, “not a political organization that does some union work.”

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