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This is the way the Legislature ends

Finally, the most lobbied bill of the session may well have been the so-called Right to Return legislation carried by friends of the Culinary union and is as special as any special-interest legislation has ever been. It pitted the most potent Democratic special interest against the most potent special interest in the state, and nearly all of the negotiations took place at the highest levels and out of the sight of everyone — including the Legislature!

This is sausage the gamers only grudgingly accepted after making changes, but that the Culinary can take credit for jamming through. The Culinary and its brothers in the AFL-CIO gushed afterwards about the law, while gaming lobbyists privately suggested the measure was imbalanced and could inhibit hiring while driving wedges between union and non-union properties that will be difficult to repair.

This is one where the devilish details will be seen in the ensuing months and years, and we will discover whether this is a revelatory, pro-worker bill (that exempted small businesses at the last moment) passed in a right to work state or one that further cripples an essential industry already devastated by the pandemic.

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