76 workers filed lawsuit against Station Casinos alleging violations of SB386 “Right to Return” law

DCulinary Union announces that 76 hospitality workers have filed a mass action lawsuit against Station Casinos alleging multiple violations of the SB386 “Right to Return” law Las Vegas, NV – The Culinary Union announced today that 76 hospitality workers have filed a mass action lawsuit against their current and former employer, Station Casinos (case #: A-22-850394-C in the Eighth Judicial District Court in Clark County, Nevada), alleging violations of the “Nevada Hospitality and Travel Workers Right to Return Act” (SB386), which was passed by the Nevada Legislature May 26, 2021 and signed into law June 8, 2021 by Governor Steve Sisolak. These 76 plaintiffs had over 680 years of combined experience at Station Casinos before they were fired during the COVID-19 pandemic. SB386 ensures that Nevada’s casino, hospitality, stadium, and travel-related employees are able to return to their former positions. SB386 created a cause of action against employers who fail to abide by the process the law lays out for the orderly recall of hospitality workers to positions with their former employers for which they are qualified. The mass action complaint alleges that Station Casinos, Nevada’s third-largest private employer, which owns and operates nine casinos in Las Vegas, has operated in flagrant violation of its obligations as an employer and has not recalled hospitality workers back to work as mandated by SB386. 76 plaintiffs, a majority of whom are women and people of color, are seeking hiring and reinstatement, future and back pay, civil penalties, and compensatory damages/fees resulting from Station Casinos alleged violations of the SB386 law. “The Culinary Union supports Station Casinos workers as they pursue justice, fight to get their jobs back, and ensure the company follows the SB386 Right to Return law,” said Ted Pappageorge, Secretary-Treasurer for the Culinary Union. “Station Casinos’ actions during the pandemic towards their employees were egregious. After SB386 was passed and right before it went into effect, Station Casinos held job fairs to fill open positions with new workers instead of bringing back their former employees. Station Casinos, which fought enactment of the law every step of the way, isn’t following the law. They need to do the right thing - their current and former employees demand and deserve justice.” Details: https://www.culinaryunion226.org/news/press/culinary-union-announces-that-76-hospitality-workers-have-filed-a-mass-action-lawsuit-against-station-casinos

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