Press conference: #OneJobShouldBeEnough for non-union workers at Allegiant Stadium!

Culinary Union requests card check neutrality agreements for non-union workers at Allegiant Stadium, urges the Las Vegas Raiders to do the right thing - Las Vegas, NV – Ahead of Superbowl LVIII, the Culinary Union has sent a letter to the Las Vegas Raiders requesting that the team support labor peace as workers demand the right to organize after non-union workers at Allegiant Stadium approached the Culinary and Bartenders Unions about unionizing. Card check neutrality, where employers remain neutral and respect their employee’s choice whether to unionize without intimidation, fear tactics, retaliation, harassment, or bullying, has been the standard in Las Vegas for hundreds of thousands of Culinary Union members in nearly 90 years. “Low wages are not the only way in which Allegiant Stadium’s non-union workforce lags behind the Las Vegas standard. Union workers, including Levy workers at Allegiant Stadium who are unionized, have free family Culinary Union health benefits, a pension, job security, and many other benefits on top of the fair wage they are paid,” said Ted Pappageorge, Secretary-Treasurer for the Culinary Union. “Stadium cleaners, ushers, ticket-takers, and concession workers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect at Allegiant Stadium. The Culinary Union stands in complete support with the non-union workers at Allegiant Stadium as they demand the right to organize and win a better future for themselves and their families and calls on the Las Vegas Raiders to take responsibility and do the right thing for these workers. The Culinary Union urges the Las Vegas Raiders, who got $750 million of taxpayers money to build their stadium, to support workers in their call for a fair organizing process.” “I'm fighting for fair pay for cashiers like me. We've been making $13 for years, and in the 4 years I've worked at Allegiant Stadium, we haven't seen a raise and that's not fair. I can't wait for the union to come in. I love my job, and the Raiders are my football team, but we need fair treatment,” said Vickey Powell, Levy cashier at Allegiant Stadium for nearly 4 years. “I'm not just fighting for myself; I take care of my kids, grandchildren, niece, and nephews. It's tough because one job should be enough, but low pay makes it hard to keep other workers, and they leave. We deserve fair pay, respect, and acknowledgment of our struggles.”

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