SB4 bill signing with Governor Sisolak

📣 Senate Bill 4 has now been signed into law! YES WE DID! #SB4 is a first-in-nation legislation that protects all workers in hospitality industry in Vegas/Reno - wall-to-wall, front/back-of-house, union & non-union, worker & manager - from Bellagio to Motel 6. Senate Bill 4 “Adolfo Fernandez Bill” protects over 280,000 hospitality workers in Clark County and Washoe. Fact: A majority of Nevadans covered by this worker protection bill are not even unionized. Since March 1, 2020, 35 Culinary Union members and/or their dependents have died from COVID-19. Senate Bill 4 “Adolfo Fernandez Bill” mandates and enforces the following requirements regarding casinos and hotels in Las Vegas and Reno:  *Enhanced cleaning procedures such as daily room cleaning. *Social distancing. *Free testing for all workers before going back to work or those that have been exposed to COVID-19. *Paid time off while workers are in quarantine and/or while waiting for COVD-19 test results. Any worker who tests positive for COVID-19 will be allowed a minimum of 14 days off, including 10 paid days. *Temperature-checks for workers at the workplace. *Detailed plans of action for when a worker contracts COVID-19 or is exposed to someone with the virus. *Safety training for all employees. *Local and state health officials must regularly inspect resort hotels every two months for compliance with health standards, and for hotels with more than 200 rooms, inspections will take place every three months. When workers are protected, our entire community - from the hospitality industry to customers & locals are protected. ------

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