Support Workers: Vote for Nurse Geo Hughes for Senate District 3!

Senator Rochelle Nguyen WIPED OUT our progress with her law that lets casinos CUT OUR PAY by an average of $300 a week. Senator Nguyen did this and casinos gave her $100,000. Vote for a better Democrat. 🗳️Vote for Nurse Geo Hughes for Senate District 3! -- The Nevada Legislature worked with big casino companies to get rid of our daily room cleaning law, which hurt the guest room attendants who are the backbone of our union. Disappointingly, Senator Rochelle Nguyen is one of the Democrats who led that fight and that’s why the Culinary Union is proud to endorse Nurse Geoconda Hughes for Senate District 3 to make sure that our government serves working families. Nurse Geo is a Culinary Union kid who grew up on the picket line and she is the daughter of the former Culinary Union Secretary-Treasurer Geoconda Argüello-Kline. Nurse Geo worked with our union to lower the price of insulin and as a pro-choice National Nurses United union shop steward, she fought to keep essential frontline health care workers protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Early Voting is Saturday, May 25 - Friday, June 7. Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 11, 2024. The complete Culinary Union 2024 Primary Endorsement Guide is available here: HERE'S HOW TO FILL OUT YOUR MAIL BALLOT: Step 1: Mark your ballot using a blue or black pen & fill-in the oval next to the candidate of your choice. Step 2: Once your ballot is complete, detach the Voter Receipt at the dotted line at the top of your ballot and keep for your records. Step 3: Fold your ballot along the crease and insert it into the “Secrecy Sleeve.” Step 4: Insert the "Secrecy Sleeve" (with your completed ballot inside) into the “Official Return Envelope.” Step 5: Seal and sign the “Official Return Envelope.” Step 6: Return it - *In person—at any mail ballot drop-off locations during Early Voting or at a Vote Center on Election Day. Mail ballot drop off locations include: Cambridge Recreation Center, Desert Breeze Community Center, Galleria at Sunset, Henderson City Hall, Las Vegas City Hall, Meadows Mall, North Las Vegas City Hall, Silverado Ranch Park, Walnut Recreation Center, West Flamingo Senior Center, and Whitney Recreation Center. *By Mail—no postage necessary, mail back ASAP. THERE ARE 3 WAYS TO VOTE IN THE PRIMARY: *By mail (see steps 1-6 above): Ballot must be postmarked by Election Day. *In-person Early Vote and/or ballot drop off: Saturday, May 25 – Friday, June 7. *In-person on Election Day: Tuesday, June 11 from 7:00am – 7:00pm. If you are in line by 7pm, you will be able to vote. SAME DAY VOTER REGISTRATION: Not registered to vote yet? Nevada has Same-Day Registration! All eligible voters can register at the closest polling location near you during Early Vote or at a Vote Center on Election Day. Reminder: You can only register to vote if you are a U.S citizen and will be 18-years-old on or before Primary Election Day, Tuesday, June 11th, 2024. PAID FOR BY: WE VOTE, WE WIN

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