#WeVoteWeWin (2022)

Since July 2022, 250 Culinary Union canvassers have knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors statewide in Nevada and are on track to knock on 1 million doors - more than half of the Black and Latinx voters and more than a third of AAPI voters this cycle.  The political team, comprised of rank-and-file hospitality workers, is talking with tens of thousands of working families every day – from Reno and Sparks, to Eastside and Westside, and in North Las Vegas. Political canvassers reflect the Culinary Union’s diverse membership, which is majority women and people of color, who are committed to organizing and wining economic and racial justice. The Culinary Union has a 87-year history of fighting and winning for working families in Nevada and doing the militant organizing every day in order to transform the landscape that hospitality workers face, and we have a plan to win.  Join the Culinary Union political canvass program! We have a plan to fight for and win Neighborhood Stability and affordable housing, elect leaders who will advocate for issues that are important to union members and working families, and build power for workers ahead of the contract fight in 2023.   We vote. We win. For our families!

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