Fighting and Winning (2023)

As the Culinary Union continues organizing to protect working families in Nevada, we are proud to debut a new video: “FIGHTING & WINNING,” which highlights many of the incredible campaigns and victories won last year. We’ve averted a historic citywide strike and won the biggest wage increases and the best contract ever in our 89-year history, totaling $3 billion for over 50,000 workers. But make no mistake - those victories were not handed to us. No victory in our union’s history is ever guaranteed. It took over 2 years of preparation, 10 months of relentless negotiations, lots of hard work, committee meetings, and sleepless nights. Tens of thousands of workers participated in rallies, protests, civil disobedience, picketing, surveys, picket sign making, strike voting, and delegations inside the properties. Many workers sacrificed and organized to win a better future for our families and we are proud to stand with you everyday. From organizing and direct action to political advocacy, the Culinary Union remains a powerful force for workers in Nevada. Join us as we celebrate another year of changing lives. Watch new video: “FIGHTING & WINNING”

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